More Music From The Inbox 15 Jan 2014: Peace, AudioBodies, E.D. Duro and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Peace, “Lovesick”
Album: N/A

A terrific UK band with an interesting sound.

Sounds like: Alt, pop and retro mix


Artist: The AudioBodies, “Relapse”
Album: The AudioBodies
These guys are out of New Jersey. Love that funky beat and the voice.

Sounds like: Brand new old stuff


Artist: E.D. Duro, “Almost”
Album: N/A
E D Duro
Wow, this Luxembourg musician really caught my ear this week! Very impressed.

Sounds like: A sonic sculpture of a dream

Listen here.

Artist: Ed Morales, “Border Town”
Album: N/A
Ed Morales
Set in Texas and bring a bit of the alternative to some clean country sound.

Sounds like: Some definite reminders of Blue Rodeo

Listen here.

Artist: The Lion, The Bear and The Fox, “Pearly Gates”
Album: N/A
The Lion The Bear and The Fox
This trio is from British Columbia and have great voices.

Sounds like: Alternative folk


Artist: Willhorse, “Satellite”
Album: The Farm Sessions
And still in British Columbia for the alt-country band!

Sounds like: In the blocks, ready to go


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