More Music From The Inbox 15 Jun 2016 The Paranoid Style, Sweet Alibi, Driftwood Pyre and More!

Artist: The Paranoid Style, “Common Emergencies”

Album: Rolling Disclosure

The Paranoid Style

Washington DC is home to this interesting band

Sounds like:  Love of the punk sensibility


Artist: Sweet Alibi, “Middle Ground”

Album: Walking In The Dark

Sweet Alibi

Impressive Winnipeg band with a great sound

Sounds like:  Soul, on the sleeve


Artist: Driftwood Pyre, “Take Me To Your God”

Album: Driftwood Pyre

Driftwood Pyre

Minneapolis is home to this psych band.

Sounds like:  Fantastic fuzz


Artist: nthng, “Mega2000”

Album: Untitled


You like weird, right?  I do.

Sounds like:  Tell me if you make it through the entire 61 minutes!


Artist: Vow of Thorns, “Meeting On The Astral Plane”

Album: Farewell To The Sun

Vow of Thorns

By way of London, Ontario and blowing it up

Sounds like:  Hard core ephemera


Artist: Sweet Crude, “Mon Esprit”

Album: Critters

Sweet Crude

Out of New Orleans and so much talent

Sounds like:  Bring all the influences of Louisiana together


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