More Music From The Inbox 15 Mar 2017 Finn, Secret Shine, Mike Adams at His Honest Weight and More!

Artist: Finn, “Godsend”

Album: Godsend

Great new stuff from this Winnipeg band.

Sounds like:  a fantastic music-meld


Artist: Secret Shine, “Falling Again”

Album: There Is Only Now

This Bristol, England band is really “wow worthy”

Sounds like:  True heart shoegaze


Artist: Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, “The Lucky One”

Album: Old Toy Trains

Best band name of the week out of Bloomington, Indiana

Sounds like: You are, indeed


Artist: INVSN, “Immer Zu”

Album: The Beautiful Stories

Loving the sound of this Swedish band

Sounds like:  Forever always


Artist: Boss Hog, “Ground Control”

Album: Brood X

First release in a lot of years for this NYC band

Sounds like:  A bluesy blowout


Artist: ZZ Ward, “The Deep”

Album: The Deep

Something different about this one.

Sounds like:  There’s something about that smoke-filled voice


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