More Music From The Inbox 15 Nov 2017 Mansionair, Big Thief, Cool American and More!

Artist: Mansionair, “Astronaut (Something About Your Love)”

Album: N/A

Intriguing sounds from Sydney, Australia

Sounds like:  that ethereal vibe


Artist: Big Thief, “Mythological Beauty”

Album: Capacity

I’m loving this band out of Brooklyn

Sounds like:  the beauty of angst


Artist: Cool American, “Great At Parties”

Album: Infinite Hiatus

The hotbed that is Portland is home

Sounds like:  Aren’t we all, really?


Artist: The Flats, “Unviable In Your World”

Album: Auburn In The Everlast

Out of Toledo, Ohio and making me happy

Sounds like: knowing when it really isn’t


Artist: Hasan Hujairi, “Time Plates”

Album: Throat

Talented instrumentalist out of Seoul, South Korea

Sounds like:  being in that endless passage


Artist: Ought, “These 3 Things”

Album: Room Inside The World

Incredible band from Montreal

Sounds like:  vocal and musical heaven


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