More Music From The Inbox 15 Oct 2014 Cheap Girls, The Crookes, Rudimental and More!

[We have TWO sets of music recommendations today, thanks to (a) the schedule havoc of the holiday Monday; and (b) a website glitch yesterday. – AC]

Artist: Cheap Girls, “Knock Me Over”

Album: Famous Graves

Cheap Girls

Love this band out of Lansing, Michigan.

Sounds like: When it comes for you, you better be ready


Artist: The Crookes, “Don’t Put Your Faith In Me”  

Album: Soapbox

The Crookes

Fantastic band from Sheffield in the UK

Sounds like: Classics brought forward


Artist: Rudimental, “Powerless (ft. Becky Hill)”

Album: Home


Brilliant London band with a big following

Sounds like: Exasperation and want


Artist: Elway, “Spent So Long”

Album: Delusions


Fun band out of Colorado

Sounds like: Rock, punk, pop, yeah


Artist: Raindeer, “Tattoo”

Album: You Look Smashing


Straight out of Baltimore with a fantastic sound!

Sounds like: Meaningful noise


Artist: Zeahorse, “Pool”

Album: Pools


This Australian band makes me very happy

Sounds like: Alice in Chains with a twist


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