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More Music From The Inbox 16 Apr 2014 Isle of Rhodes,The Sunshine Underground, Last Kick and More!

Artist: Isle of Rhodes, “Tic Toc Take II”

Album: Affirmation Caravan

Isle of Rhodes

This Brooklyn band is all about the keyboards

Sounds like:  Eclectic geek and killer beat


Artist: The Sunshine Underground, “Don’t Stop”

Album: Don’t Stop

The Sunshine Underground

Out of Leeds and bringing some stellar production…

Sounds like:  An ode to Talking Heads ‘I Zimbra’


Artist: Last Kick, “Planet Doom”   

Album: N/A

Last Kick

This Halifax, Nova Scotia band really kills it.

Sounds like:  A dark journey


Artist: Roll The Tanks, “Goodnight Jimmy Lee”

Album: Broke Til Midnight

Roll The Tanks

LA based power pop band making strides.  Pre-order the album here.

Sounds like:  Jimmy Eat World, sort of…


Artist: 1,2,3, “Big Weather Part I”

Album: Big Weather


This Pittsburgh band is releasing their sophomore record in May.

Sounds like:  An offbeat ode to the past


Artist: Shura, “Touch”

Album: N/A


With an English dad and a Russian mother (who turned down a role in James Bond’s Goldeneye), she brings some cool sounds

Sounds like:  A slow seduction


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