More Music From The Inbox, 16 Mar 2016: Peter, Bjorn and John, Negative Gemini, Decorations and More!

Artist: Peter, Bjorn and John, “What Are You Talking About?”

Album: Breakin’ Point

Peter, Bjorn and John

Always been a fan of these guys.  Love their sound!

Sounds like:  What you’d expect but funkier


Artist: Negative Gemini, “Body Work”

Album: Body Work

Negative Gemini

Brilliance out of Brooklyn

Sounds like:  Sweet swirling sonics


Artist: Decorations, “Girls”

Album: Girls


Good fun from this LA outfit.

Sounds like:  Frenetic fun


Artist: The Mountain Man, “Open Grave”

Album: Bloodlust

The Mountain Man

I was in the mood for this Vancouver band today!

Sounds like:  Dig it yourself


Artist: Panic Is Perfect, “You’re Alive”

Album: Cellspace

Panic Is Perfect

San Fran band!

Sounds like:  Bit of a Pet Shop Boys flashback but different


Artist: Ships Have Sailed, “Drive”

Album: Moodswings

Ships Have Sailed

Great stuff out of LA

Sounds like:  Where you might be going


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