More Music From The Inbox 16 Nov 2016: 55 Cancri e, Slender, Wet Leather and More!

Artist: 55 Cancri e, “Alltid du”

Album: Att lämna Tellus


A Swedish artist named after a distant planet on a Danish indie label.  What more could you want?

Sounds like: Ethereal time travel


Artist: Slender, “The Moment”

Album: Revival


This band is out of Montreal and is really bringing it.

Sounds like:  Got a bit of a Nirvana vibe off of this one


Artist: Wet Leather, “Too Serious”

Album: N/A


This Brooklyn outfit is self-described as ‘anxiety pop’.  Love that!

Sounds like:  Something we all are too much these days


Artist: Canshaker Pi, “JALS”

Album: Canshaker Pi


Amsterdam based with a great, unique sound

Sounds like:  Grinding, noisy fun!


Artist: Roya, “End Times”

Album: N/A


Impressive 6-piece out of Brooklyn

Sounds like:  Made well before the election, with obvious insight


Artist: Bassett, “Ghost Hwy”

Album: Ghost Hwy


LA based and bringing some real depth

Sounds like:  Pondering the vision


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