More Music From The Inbox, 17 Aug 2016: West Hammock, Wander, Stacey and More!

Artist: West Hammock, “Anchors”

Album: Wanderlost

West Hammock

Out of Oshawa, Ontario with a new EP

Sounds like: The kind of mellow vibe I love


Artist: Wander, “Stay Away”

Album: Precipice


Maryland band who have a really good sound

Sounds like:  Reminds me a little bit of Panic At The Disco


Artist: STACEY, “Build Me Up”

Album: N/A


Toronto artist with a growing following

Sounds like:  An intriguing reimagine of the old Foundations song


Artist: Beware of Darkness, “Muthafucka”

Album: Are You Real?

Beware of Darkness

LA band with some great driving guitar

Sounds like:  Kitten rock?


Artist: Big Search, “Can’t Understand The News”

Album: Life Dollars

Big Search

Another LA band bringing a cool sound

Sounds like:  All of us, every single day


Artist: Snake River, “Sun’s Rising”

Album: Sun Will Rise

Snake River

Fantastic stuff from this Saskatchewan band

Sounds like:  Staring into the darkening glow


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