More Music From The Inbox 18 Jan 2017 Kid Koala, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, Life of Dillon and More!

Artist: Kid Koala, “Collapser ft. Emiliana Torrini”

Album: Music To Draw To – Satellite

More incredible stuff from this Montreal artist!

Sounds like:  The imagery of ‘chemical puppeteering’ works wonderfully with the feeling.


Artist: Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, “Sacramento”

Album: Corners

Awesome band name and awesome music out of Italy

Sounds like: A Heart-pounding build


Artist: Life of Dillon, “Sex For Breakfast”

Album: N/A

LA via UK for this talented crew

Sounds like:  A good way to start the day


Artist: Space Above, “Fall Through”

Album: Still

Brilliance out of New Zealand

Sounds like:  Being lost in the void


Artist: Susto, “Hard Drugs”

Album: & I’m Fine Today

South Carolina is home to this intriguing band

Sounds like:  You had me at the lyrics


Artist: George Morris, “Full of Stars”

Album: George Morris

Fantastic new stuff out of Detroit

Sounds like:  Looking up and spinning


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