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More Music From The Inbox 18 May 2016 Jorn, Pale Dian, Aloha and More!

Artist: Jorn , “I Know There’s Something Going On”

Album: Heavy Rock Radio


Classic sounds out of Norway

Sounds like:  Because we need a little rock now and again


Artist: Pale Dian, “In A Day”

Album: Narrow Birth

Pale Dian

Awesome shoegazers out of Austin, Texas

Sounds like:  Blinding swirls of sound


Artist: Aloha, “Ocean Street”

Album: Little Windows Cut Right Through


Great stuff out of Kansas/Ohio.DC…

Sounds like:  Bit of a Death Cab vibe in there


Artist: The Junction, “City Nights”

Album: City Nights

The Junction

First album in four years for this Toronto outift

Sounds like:  A bit of the ethereal


Artist: Walrus, “Fur Skin Coat”

Album: Goodbye Something


Wonders out of Halifax

Sounds like:  Psych pop fun!


Artist: Feral Love, “Like The Wind”

Album: N/A

Feral Love

Incredible sound out of Liverpool

Sounds like:  Feeling the chill while pushing back


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