More Music From The Inbox 19 Jul 2017 Gary Numan, Iam, (IAM)Warface and More!

Artist: Gary Numan, “My Name Is Ruin”

Album: Savage: Songs From A Broken World

I never stopped being a fan of his.  He is one of the kings of industrial sound.

Sounds like:  knowing your own darkness


Artist: Iam, “Mwa”

Album: N/A

Out of France with an accessible sound

Sounds like:  Truth with beats


Artist: (IAM) Warface, “Say My Name”

Album: N/A

London and Brighton are home to this sonic boom

Sounds like:  Muse meets Interpol?


Artist: Crocodile Tears, “Hotwired”

Album: Back Alley Boys

Out of Austin with a classic sound

Sounds like:  Old school rock with a pinch of punk


Artist: Slo Motions, “Leaving With Nothing”

Album: N/A

Classic sounds from this Hamilton, Ontario band

Sounds like: the door, hitting me


Artist: Nathan Landry, “Jet Stream Skies”

Album: N/A

This Manchester based producer has some great sound

Sounds like:  Floating away


Larry Lootsteen

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One thought on “More Music From The Inbox 19 Jul 2017 Gary Numan, Iam, (IAM)Warface and More!

  • July 20, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Gary Numan’s 2013 Splinter: Songs from a Broken Mind is just so damn good and made me really get into his as an artist and his entire career.

    Really recommended to anyone that loved Downward Spiral-era NIN.

    I can’t wait for Savage.


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