More Music From The Inbox 19 Mar 2014 Shark?,Mayday, Elizabeth Rose and More!

By Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Shark?, “Fingers”
Album: Saviour

Yes, the question mark is part of the band’s name! A great group out of Brooklyn!

Sounds like: Frenetic and frantic fun!


Artist: Mayday, “Onion”
Album: N/A

Billed as a Taiwanese supergroup and having released a 3D concert movie, these guys are huge.

Sounds like: A musical…


Artist: Elizabeth Rose, “Sensibility”
Album: Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose

She’s an Australian EDM phenom producer and has her first EP out now.

Sounds like: Reflections…


Artist: Dominique Young Unique, “Throw It Down”
Album: N/A
Dominique Young Unique

Tampa Bay is home for this rapidly growing artist. Buy her new tune here

Sounds like: A little Missy meets MIA


Artist: Thief, “Closer”
Album: N/A

This Australian really comes with some interesting sounds. Triple J down there loves this guy.

Sounds like: A bit JT but more interesting


Artist: Fred Page, “Concrete”
Album: N/A
Fred Page

Straight out of London, this young artist has some depth

Sounds like: A hard road…


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