More Music From The Inbox 19 Nov 2014 The Black Lips, together PANGEA, Cosmonauts and More!

Artist: The Black Lips, “Funny”

Album: Underneath The Rainbow

The Black Lips

Psychedelic band out of Atlanta

Sounds like: The kind of fun we should all have


Artist: together PANGEA, “Offer”  

Album: Badillac

together PANGEA

Great rock band out of Los Angeles

Sounds like: When you gotta give


Artist: Cosmonauts, “Motorcycle #1”

Album: If You Die Then I Wanna Die


Love this California band…

Sounds like: Flying down the road at breakneck speed


Artist: Information Society, “Let It Burn”

Album: Hello World

Information Society

You may already know this band from the 80’s, back, new album and released, yes, on cassette!

Sounds like: Taking it all on


Artist: The Kendra Gale Band, “By Your Side”

Album: Carousel

The Kendra Gale Band

Love the rawness of this New Brunswick band.

Sounds like: With you, but…


Artist: Duncan Reid and The Big Heads, “Baby Doll”

Album: The Difficult Second Album

Duncan Reid and The Big Heads

Duncan you may well remember from his days with The Boys. Great new album coming out shortly.

Sounds like: Punk fusion


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