More Music From The Inbox 2 Apr 2014 Decoy Jet, Big Zero, Vendettas and More!

Artist: Decoy Jet, “Georgia”
Album: N/A
Decoy Jet

This band is out of London and just starting to make some real waves.

Sounds like: A touch of Oasis


Artist: Big Zero, “Modern World”
Album: Demo One
Big Zero

Another London band just getting rolling…

Sounds like: Brit-pop punk!


Artist: Vendettas, “You Should Know”
Album: N/A

Great sound from this Leeds based band

Sounds like: Brand-new classic Brit-rock


Artist: A Silent Film, “Harbour Lights”
Album: Sand & Snow
A Silent Film

Sticking with the London scene, another band with some impressive chops

Sounds like: Atmosphere


Artist: Seoul, “Stay With Us”
Album: N/A

Loving the sounds from this Montreal band. Definitely worth keeping an eye on

Sounds like: Swirling want and confusion


Artist: ISO, “Never Going Back”
Album: Passages

This South African band is really turning heads. They have an impressive following.

Sounds like: Stoic decisions


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