More Music From The Inbox 2 Sept 2014 – Dillon Jagger, Wayward, John Nelson and More!

Artist: Dillon Jagger, “World War Peace”  

Album: N/A

Dillon Jagger

UK indie rock mixed with psychedelics

Sounds like: A touch of Oasis on a 70’s backdrop


Artist: Wayward, “If I Had Words (Moving On)”

Album: N/A


This band is based in Houston and it’s their debut single!

Sounds like: Mouth opens but nothing comes out


Artist: John Nelson, “910”

Album: Following Shadows

John Nelson

This American artist and producer has some amazing sounds!

Sounds like: Dirty and dark living


Artist: Andrew Lowry Band, “Doubting Thomas”

Album: N/A

Andrew Lowry

Nashville is home to this up-and-coming band.

Sounds like: Folk with an alternative splash


Artist: Leo*Leo, “You”

Album: Side One


Bi-coastal Boston/LA duo bringing some great sounds.

Sounds like: Rock mixed with alternative and a soupçon of intrigue


Artist: The Rentals, “1000 Seasons”

Album: Lost In Alphaville

The Rentals

Out of LA. New album just released

Sounds like: A bit of a wonderful mess


Larry Lootsteen

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