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More Music From The Inbox, 20 Apr 2016: The Repeat Offenders, DJ Spoko, Emtee and More!

Artist: The Repeat Offenders, “Take It Down/Days To Live/900 Times”

Album: Just Be Yourself

The Repeat Offenders

Incredible English band I’ve been following for quite a while

Sounds like:  Bringing that distinct English vibe home


Artist: DJ Spoko, “Predaitor”

Album: N/A

DJ Spoko 2

I never get tired of the beats from this one.

Sounds like:  On the hunt


Artist: Emtee, “Amamenemene”

Album: N/A


Something different about this young Johannesburg hip-hop spirit

Sounds like:  asking if anything has changed


Artist: Smash Boom Pow, “Friends”

Album: Higher Power of Desire

Smash Boom Pow

Alt-pop fun out of Vancouver

Sounds like:  You know who they are


Artist: Fragile Creatures, “Stowaways”

Album: …and Other Wild Things

Fragile Creatures

Fantastic Brighton band with a great new album.

Sounds like:  Taking it all on


Artist: Júníus Meyvant, “Neon Experience”

Album: Floating Harmonies

Junius Meyvant

Great sounds out of Iceland!

Sounds like:  New form classic



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