More Music From The Inbox 20 Aug 2014 Clockwork Radio, Wily Bo Walker, Morgellons and More!

Artist: Clockwork Radio, “The Balance of Water”  

Album: No Man Is An Island

Clockwork Radio

This formerly Wales-based band and now out of Manchester has long been a favourite of mine. Listen and see why.

Sounds like: Trying to let love lead the way


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Artist: Wily Bo Walker, “When The Angels Call Your Time”

Album: N/A

Wily Bo Walker

Surprisingly out of London with just a wonderful New Orleans street sound.

Sounds like: A little Tom Waits mixed in


Artist: Morgellons, “Monochrome Soul”

Album: The Memory of Echoes


I very much like what I hear from this London band…

Sounds like: Gotta say I’m feeling a bit of Joy Division


Artist: Second Story, “Anxiety Got The Best of Me”

Album: N/A

Second Story

This band hails from Beaumont, Texas.

Sounds like: Hearing some Blink 182 influence in there


Artist: Kendal Thompson, “Be Mine”

Album: N/A

Kendal Thompson

Lots going on for this Toronto artist

Sounds like: On the edge of the dark side


Artist: Ixia, “Katherine”

Album: N/A


Pamela Ceccarelli is Ixia and hails from Rome, Italy

Sounds like: Can I call this Chamber Popera? I think I just did.


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