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More Music From The Inbox, 20 July 2016: Navy Gangs, MaliQ, 3 Pill Morning and More!

Artist: Navy Gangs, “Special Glands”

Album: Navy Gangs

Navy Gangs

Out of Omaha with a great sound

Sounds like:  Fine rock goodness


Artist: MaliQ, “Running From The Sirens”

Album: N/A


Swaziland is home and the sound is smooth and killer

Sounds like:  Truth, in a breath


Artist: 3 Pill Morning, “Electric Chair”

Album: Never Look Back

3 Pill Morning

Love the sound from this Minnesota band

Sounds like:  Fighting back against it


Artist: Ages Apart, “Civil War”

Album: Static

Ages Apart

These hardcore music makers from Alabama are bringing it

Sounds like:  The truth in today’s life and love


Artist: Talco, “El Sombra”

Album: Silent Town


An Italian 6-piece punk/ska band is not something you see every day

Sounds like:  Looking for it in the dark corners


Artist: Equador, “Blood”

Album: Blood/Bones of Man


This UK duo have something serious going on here

Sounds like:  Breaking it down to the basic elements


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