More Music From The Inbox 21 Jan 2015 God Damn, Full Ugly, The Angelcy and More!


Artist: God Damn, “When The Wind Blows”

Album: N/A

God Damn

Incredible and interesting band out of the UK Midlands.

Sounds like: I have no words!


Artist: Full Ugly, “Hangin Around”  

Album: Spent The Afternoon

Full Ugly

Intrigue for this Melbourne, Australia band.

Sounds like: 50’s influence and a Joe Strummer-esque voice


Artist: The Angelcy, “My Baby Boy”

Album: Exit Inside

The Angelcy

Love the stuff from this band out of Tel Aviv, Israel

Sounds like: Passion and pain


Artist: Tamar Eisenman, “Hit Me”

Album: N/A

Tamar Eisenman

Another impressive artist out of Tel Aviv.

Sounds like: A statement


Artist: Tiny Fingers, “Demands Live”

Album: N/A

Tiny Fingers

And another incredible band out of Israel.

Sounds like: Bloody interesting meshing of sounds


Artist: Fadee Andrawos, “Lamma Tkoun”

Album: N/A

Fadee Andrawos

Great music from Lebanon! While I’m in the neighbourhood, musically speaking!

Sounds like: Multi-culture dance music


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