More Music From The Inbox 21 Jun 2017 Cloud Nothings, Half Japanese, The Molochs and More!

Artist: Cloud Nothings, “Up To The Surface”

Album: Life Without Sound

This band out of Cleveland, Ohio makes me very happy

Sounds like:  Coming up for air


Artist: Half Japanese, “Attack of the Giant Leeches”

Album: Hear The Lions Roar

These punk legends never stop producing greatness

Sounds like:  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Artist: The Molochs, “Charlie’s Lips”

Album: America’s Velvet Glory

Bloody interesting shit from this L.A. band

Sounds like:  Wishful, wistful


Artist: Miles Hardt, “Long Ago”

Album: N/A

Great sounds out of California

Sounds like: Folk/rock/pop/alt mix


Artist: Nick Hoppner, “Hole Head”

Album: Work

You have got to love this German pioneer

Sounds like:  Electro light dreams


Artist: Dion Lunadon, “Howl”

Album: Dion Lunadon

Dion is part of A Place To Bury Strangers and brings it

Sounds like:  That pure rawness that’s been missing too long


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