More Music From The Inbox 22 Jan 2014 Diamond Days, Lyon, Firewood Island and More!

Artist: Diamond Days, “Start It From The End”
Album: Start It From The End
Diamond Days<
This UK band has a pretty big following…

Sounds like: Fallout Boy with a touch of Linkin Park


Artist: Lyon, “Happy Alone”

Album: Indian Summer

Toronto-based and cool vocal style…

Sounds like: Sinead meets Lorde


Artist: Firewood Island, “In The Forest Where It Fades”
Album: In The Forest Where It Fades
Firewood Island

Odd combo of home bases – Cardiff, Wales and Norway! Self-described Celtic/Viking sounds. Bloody interesting anyway.

Sounds like: Jazz meets folk meets Norse!


Artist: Heaven, “Colors In The Whites Of Your Eyes”
Album: Telepathic Love

This New York City band has a great 80’s based sound but full forward for now.

Sounds like: Long and meaningful pleading


Artist: Friend Roulette, “Lies – Part 1 and 2”
Album: I’m Sorry You Hit Your Head
Friend Roulette

This Brooklyn group is self described as a ‘whimsical chamber pop’ band

Sounds like: A beautiful mess


Artist: Silver Story, “Run”
Album: Cold Street Lights
Silver Story

The new EP from this UK band is really good. Alternative and punk sounds but depth included.

Sounds like: Some real heart


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