More Music From The Inbox 23 Apr 2014 Gayla Graves, Shaky Knees, Clockwork Orchestra and More!

Artist: Gayla Graves, “Rodeo – Mr. Safetee Remix”

Album: N/A

Gayla Graves

Probably not what you expected from me but something about this caught my ear.  Out of Nashville.

Sounds like:  Electro-country pop


Artist: Shaky Knees, “Make It Last”

Album: 7 Years

Shaky Knees

Toronto based and has a rapidly growing following

Sounds like:  Timeless folkiness


Artist: Clockwork Orchestra, “Zebedee”   

Album: Showcase

Clockwork Orchestra

This Dublin based electro maniac is Paul Mangan and he’s lost his mind.  In a good way!

Sounds like:  A mental breakdown


Artist: Darwin & The Dinosaur, “Forever May”

Album: Remus

Darwin & The Dinosaur

English band with a great sound and a growing fan base.

Sounds like:  A cross between classic and alt-rock


Artist: Medic, “Wake Me Up”

Album: N/A


Denver Colorado is home to this most interesting outfit.  Buy it here.

Sounds like:  A wish and a plea


Artist: The Mountain Goats, “Cry For Judas”

Album: N/A

The Mountain Goats

Intrigue and strangeness out of North Carolina/New York!

Sounds like:  Poppy fun with a little punkness, is that a word?


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