More Music From The Inbox 23 Jul 2014 Tom Vek, Sergeant Six, Mister Susan and More!

Artist: Tom Vek, “Pushing Your Luck”

Album: Luck

Tom Vek

I really like this UK artist. Great vocals.

Sounds like: A swirl of electronics and fun


Artist: Sergeant Six, “Illusion”

Album: N/A

Sergeant Six

I find this German band interesting…

Sounds like: A twisted poppy/rocky affair


Artist: Mister Susan, “Ha!”

Album: N/A

Mister Susan

This London band is self-described as ‘electroprogpunk’!

Sounds like: Crunching, hard on bone


Artist: The Broken Saints, “My Hair Is Trying To Kill Me”

Album: N/A

The Broken Saints

Another Sheffield band. The list never ends. Great area for music!

Sounds like: A great mix of alt, pop, folk and country


Artist: The Gift of Ghosts, “Living Proof”

Album: N/A

The Gift of Ghosts

This New York based core band blows the roof off!

Sounds like: Definite rings of Alexisonfire here





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