More Music From The Inbox 23 Mar 2016 Har Mar Superstar, Vox, The Treatment and More!

Artist: Har Mar Superstar, “Anybody’s Game”

Album: Best Summer Ever

Har Mar Superstar

Fantastic sound out of Minneapolis.

Sounds like:  How you feel as you inch towards the edge


Artist: Vox, “Change My World”

Album: Eleven


Out of Australia and making me very happy.

Sounds like:  Everything you know but nothing you’ve heard


Artist: The Treatment, “Generation Me”

Album: Generation Me

The Treatment

Hard driving sounds out of the UK

Sounds like:  I am what I’m all about


Artist: Strange Bones, “God Save The Teen”

Album: God Save The Teen

Strange Bones

This Brit band is produced by Foo’s Chris Shiflett

Sounds like:  Fine, fine rock…


Artist: Lenny Fontana, “I’m Gonna Get You (ft. Karla Brown)”

Album: N/A

Lenny Fontana

NYC bringing the joy back

Sounds like:  Just a taste of what’s coming


Artist: Beaumont, “Art School”

Album: Nothing


Great UK band making a splash

Sounds like:  Being educated in a slightly different manner


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