More Music From The Inbox 25 Jan 2017 BETS, Soulin Wild, I Am The Polish Army and More!

Artist: BETS, “Blister In The Sun”

Album: Project Violent Femmes

Brooklyn artist reworks a classic while working on a new album

Sounds like:  Shoegazing history


Artist: Soulin Wild, “Instinctive Echoes”

Album: Balance

Love this stuff out of Western Australia

Sounds like: It’s where you are heading


Artist: I Am The Polish Army, “David Bowie”

Album: My Old Man

Impressive tribute from this Brooklyn band

Sounds like:  Just the right amount of quirk for the subject!


Artist: Olive & the Pitz, “East Bumblefuck”

Album: Landlocked

Great new stuff out of New Jersey

Sounds like:  Trapped in your own history


Artist: Plan Three, “Welcome To The Edge”

Album: Wish I Was Stormborne

This Swedish band has a unique sound

Sounds like:  Where we all live these days


Artist: Jim Dan Dee, “The Silence”

Album: N/A

Toronto band produced by The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin

Sounds like:  Self-described alt Motown!


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