More Music From The Inbox 25 Oct 2017 The Jerry Cans, Riit, The Fjords and More!

Artist: The Jerry Cans, “Clouds”

Album: N/A

A fav Nunavut band features Daryl from The Strumbellas

Sounds like: where we belong


Artist: Riit, “Kina”

Album: N/A

Another Nunavut artist whose music I love

Sounds like:  A dreamy love song


Artist: The Fjords, “Lost”

Album: N/A

Alt-pop joy out of Norway

Sounds like:  finding your way


Artist: Cloud Control, “Treetops”

Album: Zone

Serious talent out of Australia

Sounds like:  when who you are with makes you better


Artist: Escape-ism, “Iron Curtain”

Album: Introduction To Escape-ism

Intriguing sound and imagery here

Sounds like:  Dark landscapes


Artist: Adam Ostrar, “Spare Me”

Album: Brawls In The Briar

Originally from St. Louis and well travelled

Sounds like:  the conundrum of joy


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