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More Music From The Inbox 26 Apr 2017 Sharkmuffin, West Hammock, Suns and More!

Artist: Sharkmuffin, “Scully Is a Sharkmuffin”

Album: Tsuki

Out of Brooklyn and picking up steam

Sounds like:  An X-Files bad dream!


Artist: West Hammock, “West of Nevada”

Album: Wanderlost

The Toronto area is home to one of my local favourites

Sounds like:  That feeling living on the road


Artist: Suns, “Try Again”

Album: limited edition cassette

Great new stuff out of Wales in the UK!

Sounds like:  That swirl that beautifully fills your mind


SUNS – limited edition cassette by Lavender Sweep Records

Artist: Paranoid, “Mirai Sensou”

Album: Praise No Deity

Via Japan with a Swedish metal soul

Sounds like: Black metal madness


Praise No Deity by 偏執症者 (Paranoid)

Artist: The Pinheads, “Gimme Back”

Album: The Pinheads

Loving the sound of this Australian band

Sounds like:  The ultimate fuzzbuster


Artist: Kolars, “Haunt Me”

Album: Kolars

Eclectic husband and wife duo

Sounds like:  feeling it, all around you


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