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More Music From The Inbox 26 Jul 2017 Kasabian, josh pan, Har-Di-Har and More!

Artist: Kasabian, “twentyfourseven”

Album: For Crying Out Loud

One of my long-time favourite bands back with great new stuff

Sounds like:  you don’t stop, no matter what


Artist: josh pan, “give it to ya ft. ABRA”

Album: N/A

NYC is home to a lot of talent, including this one!

Sounds like:  The video was so intriguing I had to share it


Artist: Har-Di-Har, “We Must Stand Up”

Album: we will will you

Minneapolis is home to this interesting duo

Sounds like:  a mega mix of sound creating joy


Artist: Odwa Bongo, “Confused ft. Grant Van Rooyen”

Album: N/A

Newly discovered Cape Town talent

Sounds like:  A little jazzy pleasure for your day


Artist: HDLSS, “Wonderloss”

Album: Selections From DUMB

More interesting stuff from this band out of NY State.

Sounds like: A twisting swirl of emotion


Artist: Vulpus, “No More Shall I Seek Comfort”

Album: Certitude

Portugal is home to this Black/Doom metal band

Sounds like:  when hope escapes but you have to move forward


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