More Music From The Inbox 26 Nov 2014 Bloody Knives, The Foreign Resort, Vibragun and More!

Artist: Bloody Knives, “Undecided”

Album: Blood

Bloody Knives

Stumbled across this Austin band in my travels and had to post

Sounds like: A confusion of noise


Artist: The Foreign Resort, “Alone”  

Album: New Frontiers

The Foreign Resort

Highly enjoyable sounds coming out of Copenhagen

Sounds like: Stories to tell


Artist: Vibragun, “Dream Disintegrate”

Album: Vibragun Layout II


Out of Seattle and making me very happy

Sounds like: Life, as it happens


Artist: The Sunshine Factory, “Blurry (Song For Danny)”

Album: N/A

The Sunshine Factory

Alabama band and their tribute song for a friend

Sounds like: Being there


Artist: Dead Electric, “Suck Thru”

Album: Suck Thru

Dead Electric

Beautiful sound from this Scottish band.

Sounds like: Always a question…


Artist: Snoqualmie, “Two Are Going”

Album: N/A


This Toronto band has some great sounds

Sounds like: Pensive pleading…


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