More Music From The Inbox 27 Apr 2016 Helio Batalha, Forever Still, Motel Raphaël and More!

Artist: Helio Batalha, “O ki fomi txiga”

Album: N/A

Helio Batalha

The language of music is universal with this artist I believe is from Portugal.

Sounds like:  Doing the wrong thing for the right reason


Artist: Forever Still, “Break The Glass”

Album: Tied Down

Forever Still

Fantastic rock band out of Denmark

Sounds like:  Pushing through


Artist: Motel Raphaël, “System”

Album: System

Motel Raphael

There’s nothing not to like about this Montreal band

Sounds like:  Closure, sort of…


Artist: Alex Bent + The Emptiness, “Blonde American Girl”

Album: Dead, In The Water

Alexander Bent

Fantastic Canadian artist with a special sound

Sounds like:  Being lost in a memory


Artist: Spex, “The Calling”

Album: …and Other Wild Things


London sounds from former Asian Dub Foundation lead singer, this track’s proceeds are going to the charity Inspire 

Sounds like:  Bringing it old school


Artist: Writer, “Neighborly”

Album: Principle Web


Brooklyn brilliance!

Sounds like:  Where’s my fuzzbuster?


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