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More Music From The Inbox 27 Aug 2014 Pint Size Hero, Blurred Vision, The Cape Race and More!

Artist: Pint Size Hero, “Hunger”  

Album: Like A Hurricane

Pint Size Hero

Brighton boys are bringing it!

Sounds like: You know you want it


Artist: Blurred Vision, “No More War”

Album: N/A

Blurred Vision

Co-located in Toronto and New York with a message

Sounds like: A timely voice


Artist: The Cape Race, “Vines”

Album: Home, Truths

The Cape Race

Gotta love the sound from this Manchester band!

Sounds like: Bluesy distractions


Artist: Grannies, “The Place You Can’t Leave”

Album: N/A


This band hails from Venice. Not Beach, rather Italy!

Sounds like: Alt-rock with a side of blues


Artist: Kareña K, “Battered and Blue”

Album: N/A

Karena K

Hailing from London, this track is for a fundraiser.

Sounds like: A smoky bar and a single spotlight


Artist: Leanids, “Candid & Frank”

Album: A Wildly


This Swedish band has something going on

Sounds like: Folk meets alternative, for a date


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