More Music From The Inbox, 27 July 2016: TCIYF, AJJ, Batuk and More!

Artist: TCIYF, “Tupperware”

Album: N/A


Soweto is home to this genius thrash outfit

Sounds like: you never thought this could be punk!


Artist: AJJ, “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye”

Album: The Bible 2


Phoenix, Lansing and Oakland are home to this fascinating group.

Sounds like:  Just sayin’


Artist: Batuk, “Vida ft Nandi Ndlovu”

Album: Musica da Terra


This combo of producers Aero Manyelo and Spoek Mathambo never fails

Sounds like:  That feeling that life brings


Artist: Little Liam, “We Want It All (The Dream Continues Mix)”

Album: N/A

Little Liam 2

Birmingham band’s support song for England at the Euro’s

Sounds like:  Stand up!  Sorry it didn’t work out though!


Artist: Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited, “Mugara Ndega”

Album: Chimurenga For Justice

Thomas Mapfumo

A master in reggae from Zimbabwe and social activist

Sounds like:  This is a throwback to 1985 but felt relevant today


Artist: Snowblink, “Feel Like A Man”

Album: Returning Current


Toronto/LA outfit with some intriguing sounds

Sounds like:  Questioning that norm


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