More Music From The Inbox 28 Feb 2018 Clark, The Fluids, Actors and More!

Artist: Clark, “Stark Simplicity” 

Album: Maximum Arrival

Electronic beauty out of L.A.

Sounds like:  definite Gary Numan vibe with a great vocal


Artist: The Fluids, “New Land Sale”

Album: No Kidding!

This New York band has it going on

Sounds like:  Definite Joy Division happiness there


Artist: Actors, “Bury Me”

Album: It Will Come To You

Brilliance out of Vancouver

Sounds like:  post punk dreams


Artist: Warbly Jets, “4th Coming Bomb”

Album: Warbly Jets

Up and coming L.A. band

Sounds like:  a great kind of noise


Artist: Elektroluchs, “Planet Nine (Fede Key & Matteo Garrgalo Remix)”

Album: Solar System Theory (Remixes)

A producer with a fantastic array of sounds

Sounds like:  ambient and ambiance


Artist: Inklings, “The Single Life”

Album: N/A

Great band out of London

Sounds like:  A bit of OMD but much more


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