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More Music From The Inbox, 28 Jan 2015: The Open Feel, The Secret Sea, The Wytches and More!

Artist: The Open Feel, “Retrofire”

Album: N/A

The Open Feel - Retrofire

Great LA band I’ve been following the last couple of years, back with a fantastic new single.

Sounds like: Looking back while looking forward


Artist: The Secret Sea, “Afterlife”  

Album: N/A

The Secret Sea

I keep finding Israeli bands that interest me. This is another really good one!

Sounds like: Alt-pop journey


Artist: The Wytches, “Wire Frame Mattress”

Album: Annabel Dream Reader

The Wytches

Hot out of Brighton and bringing it

Sounds like: The absolute best of alt with a little retro flair


Artist: The Away Days, “Best Rebellious”

Album: N/A

The Away Days

Not every day I get to say this. How about some Turkish shoegaze?

Sounds like: A swirl in a moment


Artist: Simmer, “Head Trip”

Album: Yellow Streak


Bloody interesting band out of Cheshire

Sounds like: Just a hint of Pumpkins


Artist: The Great Wilderness, “In The Hour of the Wolf”

Album: N/A

The Great Wilderness

Love the sound from this band out of Costa Rica

Sounds like: Externalizing the internals


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