More Music From The Inbox, 29 Jan 2014: Liars, The New Up, The Hollows and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Liars, “Mess of a Mission”
Album: Mess

I really like this band (I’ve mentioned them before) and their new album looks great. Out March 25th.

Sounds like: Beautiful chaos


Artist: The New Up, “Black Swan”
Album: N/A
New Up

San Francisco band finishing their new album after a successful indiegogo effort.

Sounds like: An eclectic mix of eras…


Artist: The Hollows, “She’s a Revolver”
Album: N/A
The Hollows

This Glasgow band has a great sound…

Sounds like: A touch of Oasis


Artist: Rivet, “Hey”
Album: N/A

This LA band has a great raw sound.

Sounds like: A great reason to drink!


Artist: Altered Sky, “Where I Belong”
Album: Stop and Live
Altered Sky

This Scottish band has a big following…

Sounds like: Alt-pop sensibility


Artist: Rock N’ Roll Circus, “She Wore Me Down”
Album: N/A
Rock N' Roll Circus

I was in the mood for a little blues and this Vancouver band fit the bill. New album coming soon!

Sounds like: Bluesy goodness

Listen at Bandcamp.

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