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More Music From The Inbox 29 Nov 2017 Julie & The Wrong Guys, Gasoline Lollipops, FITS and More!

Artist: Julie & The Wrong Guys, “Farther From You”

Album: Julie & The Wrong Guys

I love the sound of this Canadian outfit

Sounds like:  Grimy, grinding 90’s vibe


Artist: Gasoline Lollipops, “Resurrection”

Album: Resurrection

Amazing talent out of Colorado

Sounds like:  we all need redemption


Artist: FITS, “Running Out”

Album: All Belief Is Paradise

Brooklyn talent I’m loving

Sounds like:  Power pop madness


Artist: Avatar, “A Statue of The King”

Album: Avatar Country

Swedish metal brilliance

Sounds like: bow down citizens


Artist: Mavis Staples, “Ain’t No Doubt About It”

Album: If All I Was Was Black

Guest vocals and production from Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy

Sounds like:  the endless brilliance of Mavis


Artist: Coopertheband, “Rebels”

Album: Kingdom

Interesting and eclectic work from this Tennessee band

Sounds like:  don’t we all want to be


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