More Music From The Inbox 29 Oct 2014 Dirty Cakes, Helen Austin, Signals Midwest and More!

Artist: Dirty Cakes Band, “Never Alone”

Album: Never Alone

Dirty Cakes Band

Very cool band out of LA.

Sounds like: A little Smiths morphing into Nirvana


Artist: Helen Austin, “Wide Awake”  

Album: You Knew Me

Helen Austin

Hailing from British Columbia, this folk artist is really something

Sounds like: A poppy bit of fun


Artist: Signals Midwest, “St. Vincent Charity”

Album: Light On The Lake

Signals Midwest

I love the sound of this Cleveland band.

Sounds like: A bit of Blink


Artist: Hop Along, “Tibetan Pop Stars”

Album: Get Disowned

Hop Along

I love the noise and vocals of this Philly band.

Sounds like: I hear a mix of bands like Metric, Garbage, PJ Harvey


Artist: Jack + Eliza, “Hold The Line”

Album: No Wonders

Jack and Eliza

Great duo out of New York City.

Sounds like: That 50’s feel meets today’s sound


Artist: Evol Walks, “Heartbreakin’ Woman”

Album: N/A

Evol Walks

Love the sound of this Australian band.

Sounds like: Driven and angry


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