More Music From The Inbox 3 Dec 2014 Umphrey’s McGee, Joanna Gruesome, Clockwork Orchestra and More!

Artist: Umphrey’s McGee, “Puppet String”

Album: Similar Skin

Umphrey's McGee

Out of Indiana with a critical ear to their sound

Sounds like: How many of us feel every day


Artist: Joanna Gruesome, “Wussy Void”  

Album: Weird Sister

Joanna Gruesome

Fresh off winning the Welsh Music Prize

Sounds like: Some 80’s hybrid made better


Artist: Clockwork Orchestra, “The Generator Girls”

Album: A Fish For A Heart

Clockwork Orchestra

One of the bands I tend to keep an eye out for out of Dublin.

Sounds like: The Munsters on acid


Artist: STS9, “Wika Chikana”

Album: N/A


I love the jazz sensibilities of this Santa Cruz, California band.

Sounds like: Taking me away


Artist: Eagulls, “Tough Luck”

Album: Eagulls


Gotta love the sound of this UK band!

Sounds like: A bit of Stone Roses influence


Artist: The Disco Biscuits, “Bisco Inferno”

Album: Bisco Inferno

The Disco Biscuits

This is an older live performance from Red Rocks that I just totally enjoyed by this Philly-based band.

Sounds like: A fusion of jazz and rock – 70’s but not


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