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More Music From The Inbox 3 May 2017 Blaudzun, Shit and Shine, The Black Angels and More!

Artist: Blaudzun, “Tear Gun”

Album: Jupiter (Part II)

I am loving what I’m hearing from this Dutch artist

Sounds like:  An electronic dream ride


Artist: Shit and Shine, “Fuck That”

Album: Total Shit!

Brilliant noise vendors from London

Sounds like:  The bing, the bang and the bong!


Artist: The Black Angels, “Estimate”

Album: Death Song

Pure sonic experiences from Austin, Texas

Sounds like:  darkness with hints of light bleeding through


Artist: Rozwell Kid, “UHF On DVD”

Album: Precious Art

Good fun out of West Virginia

Sounds like: Modern retro cool


Artist: Brainstory, “Moth Love”

Album: Brainstory

Great vibes out of Rialto, California

Sounds like:  Psych-jazz fusion


Artist: Stockholm Noir, “Hopeless Dreams”

Album: N/A

Intrigue out of Sweden

Sounds like:  Dark electro-dreams


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