More Music From The Inbox 30 Apr 2014 Alta, Silver Trees, Owen Pallette and More!

Artist: Alta, “Wandering”

Album: N/A


I really like this Melbourne, Australia duo…

Sounds like:  Pensive thoughts escaping


Artist: Silver Trees, “She”

Album: Paper Hearts

Silver Trees

Out of Nashville with some great tunes.

Sounds like:  Snow Patrol  with a slight country tinge


Artist: Owen Pallett, “The Riverbed”   

Album: In Conflict

Owen Pallette

Normally I post about newer bands but I love this song and it deserves a listen.  Brian Eno contributed to this track for this amazing Toronto artist

Sounds like:  A struggle, the fight, life.


Artist: Cloudwaste and the Calf, “Population 12,292”

Album: N/A

Cloudwaste and the Calf

Out of Blackheath in the UK, a great mix of old school electronics and modern sensibilities

Sounds like:  Chipped beats on a shingle


Artist: Aloud, “It’s Got To Be Now”

Album: It’s Got To Be Now


Fourth album for this Boston-based group.

Sounds like:  A mash of Brit rock with a touch of country/folk and alternative


Artist: Galantis, “Revolution”

Album: Galantis


Excellent tracks on this EP and they launched their tour at Coachella

Sounds like:  Definite pop feel with some club fun but alt style


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