More Music From The Inbox 30 Jul 2014 Lights, Dirty Thrills, Stone Iris and More!

Artist: Lights, “Up We Go!”  

Album: Little Machines


Gotta love the music and, in particular, the vocals of this Toronto talent! New album is out Sept 23rd!

Sounds like: Moving forward



Artist: Dirty Thrills, “Growing Young”

Album: Growing Young

Dirty Thrills

I like some bluesy rock every now and again. This fits the bill nicely. Interesting tidbit: The singer (Louis James) is the son of Moody Blues singer Nicky James.

Sounds like: Going in the right direction


Artist: Stone Iris, “My Heart Is True (But I Think That I Lied)”

Album: Grande National

Stone Iris

More blues rock, this time from Edmonton, Alberta!

Sounds like: Letting the truth out


Artist: Treebeard, “Skyward”

Album: Stars Over Somber Skies


This band is out of Ashland, Missouri with an eclectic sound and growing following

Sounds like: A whisper to a scream


Artist: The Novatones, “Avenue Road”

Album: For Monies Sake

The Novatones

Pretty brilliant south UK band recently played this year’s Isle of Wight festival!

Sounds like: Pulling together to keep from falling apart


Artist: Flowers of Hell, “Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)”

Album: Odes

Flowers of Hell

I usually avoid covers but I really enjoyed this one from this Toronto/London shoegaze band

Sounds like: Restrained passion


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