More Music From The Inbox 31, Aug 2016: Moovalya, Firstborn, Must Be The Holy Ghost and More!

Artist: Moovalya, “Flatline”

Album: Kings


Hard driving sounds out of Phoenix, Arizona

Sounds like: We’re all heading that way


Artist: Firstborn, “Incomplete”

Album: N/A


This Swedish band has it going on

Sounds like:  Trying to move forward when it can be so hard


Artist: Must Be The Holy Ghost, “Melt Down”

Album: Overflow

Must Be The Holy Ghost

North Carolina is home to this impressive talent

Sounds like:  Somewhere we’ve all been


Artist: Joseph, “Blood and Tears”

Album: I’m Alone, No You’re Not


Out of Portland, Oregon with an awesome sound

Sounds like:  The road is never straight or smooth


Artist: The Tourist Company, “Pedestals”

Album: Apollo

The Tourist Company

This Vancouver band is truly creative and a bit space obsessed!

Sounds like:  An easy place to fall from


Artist: Ptarmigan, “O Zephyr”

Album: Ptarmigan


More goodness out of the Toronto scene.

Sounds like:  Mumford but with a much stronger, and wanted, alt edge


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