More Music From The Inbox 31 May 2017 Antipole, Charlotte Someone, Estrange and More!

Artist: Antipole, “Narcissus”

Album: Getting Frequent Now

Definite brilliance out of Norway

Sounds like:  Some distinctive Interpol vibes here


Artist: Charlotte Someone, “The Ghost Inside ft. Lokka Vox”

Album: The Ghost Inside

Indie goodness out of Finland

Sounds like:  the spirit we all feel


Artist: Estrange, “Everything Will Bleed”

Album: The Very Dark Ending

Gothenburg, Sweden is home to this intrigue

Sounds like:  Yes, yes it will


Artist: Eyemouth, “The Rise of You”

Album: Noera Genesis

Another band out of Gothenburg that makes me happy

Sounds like: Quirky and different and dark


Artist: PaintNoise, “Indian Bible”

Album: Voshod

Some distinctive sounds out of Russia!

Sounds like:  Mesmerizing melody


Artist: A Different Thread, “Home From Home”

Album: Home From Home

Deep stuff from this UK band

Sounds like:  A new mix of folk


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