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More Music From The Inbox 4 Oct 2017 Metz, Low Roar, Hyre and More!

Artist: Metz, “Lost In The Blank City”

Album: Strange Peace

I love the edge to this Toronto band’s music

Sounds like: feeling invisible


Artist: Low Roar, “St. Eriksplan”

Album: Once In A Long, Long While

This band out of Warsaw, Poland has it going on

Sounds like:  that feeling when life gives you a push


Artist: Hyre, “Hail Mary”

Album: Sera

Beautiful sounds out of Montreal

Sounds like:  the questions that hardship bring


Artist: Soft Swells, “Within Reason”

Album: Be Young

Beautiful noise out of Los Angeles

Sounds like:  staring at the ocean


Artist: Jessica Lea Mayfield, “Offa My Hands”

Album: N/A

Greatness out of Ohio

Sounds like:  clearing the slate


Artist: Fischerspooner, “Have Fun Tonight”

Album: Sir

Michael Stipe produced goodness out of NYC

Sounds like:  a jangle of dance joy


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