More Music From The Inbox, 5 Feb 2014: Tower of Dudes, The Joy Arson, Average Times and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Tower of Dudes, “Make Your Own Culture”
Album: Make Your Own Culture
Tower of Dudes

This west coast Canadian band is self-described as ‘Gypsy punk accordion rock’. Yeah. You’ll see why.

Sounds like: Rocking out in the forest around a fire

Listen here.

Artist: The Joy Arson, “Far Better Days”
Album: Playground
The Joy Arson

Great sound from this Toronto band…

Sounds like: Hard life and hard times


Artist: Average Times, “I Hate Tomato Juice And I Hate You”
Album: Average Times
Average Times

This band hails from lovely Ottawa and they’re bringing the punk hardcore!

Sounds like: My favourite song title EVER!!

Listen here.

Artist: Caves, “Newark”
Album: One

Love the sound of this Liverpool band….

Sounds like: A hint of The Jam in there


Artist: Leopards, “Have Heart”
Album: N/A

Another alternative band coming out of the North-West UK

Sounds like: Alt-pop with some power


Artist: We Caught The Castle, “Time To Grow”
Album: N/A
We Caught The Castle

I definitely love the sound of this Reading outfit…

Sounds like: A definite Alexisonfire vibe


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