More Music From The Inbox 5 Jul 2017 The Van Pelt, Ships Have Sailed, Dead Leaf Echo and More!

Artist: The Van Pelt, “My Bouts With Pouncing”

Album: Sultans of Sentiment

Original and interesting out New Jersey/Massachusetts

Sounds like:  Brilliantly organized randomness


Artist: Ships Have Sailed, “Up (Trent remix)”

Album: Mixed Up

LA band I’ve had my eye on for a long while

Sounds like:  exciting, ethereal pleasures


Artist: Dead Leaf Echo, “Sparks Fly From A Kiss”

Album: Strawberry Skin

Brooklyn is home to this impressive talent

Sounds like:  Shoegaze standouts deliver


Artist: The Accidentals, “Memorial Day”

Album: N/A

Self-proclaimed lovers of NASA and goats!

Sounds like: Pop/Folk/Alt fusion fun


Artist: Boogarins, “Ondra Negra”

Album: Lá Vem a Morte

Incredible stuff out of Brazil!

Sounds like:  Beautiful, psychedelic sounds


Artist: Bien, “Stars Across The Sky”

Album: N/A

Beautiful noise out of Nashville

Sounds like:  Light and ethereal


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