More Music from The Inbox 5 Mar 2014 Allies To The Adversary, Black Tea House, Arches and More!

Artist: Allies To The Adversary, “Execrate”
Album: Allies To The Adversary
Allies To The Adversary

Toronto deathcore/metal band. Something about it just fits the bill.

Sounds like: You should just do what you’re told…


Artist: Black Tea House, “Letting Me Down Again”
Album: N/A
Black Tea House

I love the sound of this Australian band based out of Melbourne

Sounds like: multiple generation meld


Artist: Arches, “Be This Way”
Album: Broken Clocks

I like this Scottish band. There’s some wonderful honesty in here. Buy it here:

Sounds like: Pleading


Artist: Kinoko Teikoku, “Umi To Hanataba”
Album: Long Goodbye
Kinoko Teikoku

This Japanese band has been around since 2007. The band name translates as ‘mushroom empire’ and the song title as ‘the sea and the bouquet’.

Sounds like: A great alt-rock future


Artist: Dan Rose, “Balloons Tied To A Chair”
Album: N/A
Dan Rose

Straight outta Denmark – interesting alternative sound…

Sounds like: Never quite making it work


Artist: Jo Bywater, “Chopping Wood”
Album: Chasing Tales
Jo Bywater

Another interesting twist on the Liverpool music scene

Sounds like: Lovely blues


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