More Music From The Inbox 5 Nov 2014 Allora Mis, I Divide, Biblical and More!

Artist: Allora Mis, “July 5th (Remastered)”

Album: N/A

Allora Mis

Five piece out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Sounds like: The kind of ambient music I love


Artist: I Divide, “I’m Not Leaving”  

Album: Last One Standing

I Divide

Latest from this excellent Exeter band

Sounds like: Triumph through perseverance


Artist: Biblical, “The Quiet Crooks”

Album: Monsoon Season


This is what I like to call great Canadian noise.

Sounds like: Slowly being stripped of flesh


Artist: Rene Lopez, “Love Has No Mercy”

Album: Love Has No Mercy

Rene Lopez

Straight out of New York City.

Sounds like: Dance with some Latin hints


Artist: Broken Water, “Love and Poverty”

Album: N/A

Broken Water

Great band out of Olympia, Washington

Sounds like: Alt-pop beats to get you moving


Artist: The Coathangers, “Drive”

Album: Suck My Shirt

The Coathangers

Fantastic band out of Atlanta!

Sounds like: All girl punk just can’t go wrong


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