September 18, 2023
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More Music From The Inbox, 6 Apr 2016: Sakkarwal/Natrajan, Batuk, TDK and More!

Artist: Kalyaani Sakkarwal & S, “I, She, Us”

Album: N/A

Kalyaani Sakkarwal & Sharanya Natrajan

Indie women from Mumbai, India for Women’s Day.

Sounds like:  We are one.


Artist: Batuk, “Call Me Naughty”

Album: N/A


Great song from this South African collab between Aero Manyelo and Spoek Mathambo

Sounds like:  Didja?


Artist: TDK, “Smoke With Us”

Album: N/A

Dizzy Monk Records

Great grooves coming out of South Africa’s Dizzy Monk Records.

Sounds like:  A classic stoner riff!


Artist: Society 1, “Wild Child”

Album: N/A

Society 1

Doors cover being used to promote a fundraiser for a Doors tribute.  Check it out here.

Sounds like:  History brought forward


Artist: Jason Forte, “Blow Up ft Social Hooliganz”

Album: N/A

Jason Forte

Australian beats maniac!

Sounds like:  Taking it out and showing it off


Artist: A Rebel Few, “Bitter Man”

Album: As The Crow Flies

A Rebel Few

From my backyard, Cambridge, Ontario power band!

Sounds like:  There’s a reason


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